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10 Friend/Partner Autumn Dates

Now these are in no particular order babes. And I am obviously writing with bias. A bias towards the cheap and the delightful. Now I will spend a pretty penny on a once in a lifetime experience however on my grad student budget I’ve had to date on a dime time and time again. No, these autumn dates will not be fantastical or whimsical of any sort. You can rest assured that these recommendations will be real, attainable and easily adaptable to your wallet and needs.

10. Semi Abandoned Mall Date

Yes, the key to go to an ~almost~ rundown mall. Which in most places is just…the mall. But I make this distinction on purpose to really make clear that abandoned malls have a certain vibe. The kind that makes you wanna discover, explore, and ask questions. How long has this mall been abandoned? What store was this? Who even comes here? You end up talking more, taking more pictures, and actually participating in the programs at said abandoned mall. Wear your fluffy PJs or onesies for extra comfort points. Grab some mall food, walk to the only Spencer’s left in your city and keep it cute!

9. Local Festival Centering a Fruit or Vegetable

Now depending on your city and climate this option could be the most fun one out of the bunch. Every town (big and small) has some event to celebrate corn, squash, apples, or strawberries. Catch some live music, food vendors, and artists that come by. My wife and I make it a tradition to go to any apple cider centered around Autumn and stock up for hot cider nights in the winter. It’s also a good opportunity for some cute photos!

8. Themed Sport Event

I live in an area of the country that offers a myriad of summer and winter amateur and professional sports leagues. Professional teams that offer special discounts or specific perks for gameday are usually the ones we look out for. Don’t just look for professional athletes though. Amateur or local league mixed martial arts and boxing matches make for some of the most eventful date nights I can think of. Every sporting event doesn't have to have thousands of people there - and always support local.

7. Mini Golf

Speaking of sports. Never underestimate the power of mini golf. Autumn is the last time of the year before winter that folks can enjoy it so take advantage if you can. Mini golf is one of those things you can make competitive or nonchalant similar to bowling. But unlike bowling you have bumpers on the sides automatically and you don’t have to throw out a shoulder. Plus teamwork is highly encouraged. Go golfing in your favorite Christian girl autumn cosplay and make it cunt!

6. Movie Night

Not a sleepover. A movie night. Staying up late is something I refuse to do unless I am on illicit substances or if I have to. THIS is why I am a proponent for the perfect movie night. Usually there is a theme around the movie(s) on the setlist and the snack selection. I like to choose one throwback and one feature film that way we get a good four hours to hang and snack. A great example would be a Barbie night where Barbie is the feature film and like any movie about girlhood or pink from like before 2005 would be the other movie. Throw in some pink snacks and drinks and some juicy gossip and bitch - THAT is a movie night.

5. A Crisp Morning Walk and/or Picnic

I am a walking date stan. I have taken many a shroom with a group of friends and walked through a forest or took pictures down a trail. I’m gay that’s literally all I do. Walking somewhere and ending at a park and then sitting down and eating a sandwich? It’s human nature. Look up some cute trails, grab a bedsheet, and pack some PB and Js. Make it a potluck if you are going with a group of people.

4. Rooftop or Patio Bar

If you love Fall you love crisp air! I looovveee being silly with a bunch of my baddest bitches on a roof surrounded by huge heat lamps. It makes me feel amazing grabbing something quick to drink and eat; or listening to a selected DJ lineup for a few hours. Sometimes dancing on a rooftop cures all the problems of the week.

3. Art Gallery or Museum

A quick look at any city’s microinfluencer’s Reel page will show you what attractions are new to the city including new museum themes or installations. In my city I have a ton of museums all with different discounts, coupons, and special days or themes. Before planning the next date night I always double check what is new in the museums I have a membership to or is relatively inexpensive. If you are as inquisitive as my friends and my partner - you can spend all day in a damn museum. We spend all day inside, checking out each exhibit, grabbing snacks, and overanalyzing all the videos that play in museums. The last we all conquered was the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. We spent a good four hours there! Great opportunities for group and couple pictures as well!

2. Book Crawl

My nerdiness is showing. My wife and I are book obsessed and find any reason to acquire a damn book. We recently went to a vintage book store with lots of old and thick books. Indie bookshops that have mini sections or selections of authors that we are looking for. Next we head to some comic book stores to pick up some graphic novels or zines. Then we head to major distributors like Barnes and Noble.

1. Thrift for Fall Essentials

Thrifting is essential for every season if you ask me. I like to go shopping for the beginning/middle of fall right in the beginning of August. Coats are typically on sale still and long johns are not few and far in between. The flannels have yet to be meticulously pick through and the boots are the best type of lived in. Going shopping with people, hearing their opinions (or not), and buying items that make you feel good or terrible is a super intimate experience. Some of my best thrift purchases were due to peer pressure or a friend finding something that looks “just like you!” And the demisexual OCD in me makes me love that piece even more because someone I love picked it out for me. Spice it up and set a budget or create a challenge or have a fashion show! Live the fantasy!

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