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Accounts to Follow Before 2021 Ends

My search for smaller creator content started with feeling underwhelmed with the shows available on my streaming services. Like most of the world, when governmentally mandated to remain inside of my home I relegated to Sir Netflicc, Ms. HBOMaxx and dey cousins. But babe, the content you are looking for is probably not housed by some major network with millions of dollas in funding. Go figure.

Issa Rae in Awkward Black Girl

Writers like Issa Rae started on Youtube. Awkward Black Girl is still one of my all time shows - to date. Major artists like the pedophile Tyga have created Patreon and OnlyFans pages so as to seem more real and accessible to their fan base. I mean yes, Hottie World is definitely one of my favorite celebrity centered vlog diary shows (other than Paris Hilton’s Youtube) and I genuinely love Megan thee Stallion more for her vulnerability as well as the extra content! However, so many smaller platformed content creators deserve recognition and at the end of the day their talent is immense. And hey it’s about time for a timeline cleanse huh?

In the words of last year: “Throw on some jammies, Zoom some friends, and thank me later.”

Podcasts/Talk Shows:

From the Source Podcast - In each episode, the podcast From the Source covers stories of places and people that bring Pittsburgh to life. This podcast was also a COVID baby, coming together in the spring of 2020 as an experiment to help listeners process the changes brought on by a global pandemic. It’s narrated by PublicSource community correspondent, cat parent, and dear friend Jourdan Hicks. “From the Source hopes to move, inspire and inform you about where you live, play, learn and breathe.”

HYPE Media Podcast - This duo of #blackgirlmagic makes my heart smile. I had the pleasure of working with Amber and Tereisa for a short time as a part of the HYPE (Homewood Youth-Powered and Engaged) Media initiative in Pittsburgh, PA. They center the podcast on Black girls and women, Black culture, and life in Pittsburgh. These two women are so dynamic - if you aren’t listening you are really missing out!

Wine, Weed, and Weave - This podcast about women of color navigating through the current cannabis industry centers advocates,educators, and business owners that are creating opportunities for equality and inclusivity within the cannabis industry. Every episode they “responsibly & legally” drink wine and smoke weed. Shit is live as hell.

Wine, Weed and Weave Podcast Flyer

Sip N Spill - A podcast about a Black woman's experience and...getting drunk. It's mine - It's my podcast. My episodes can be found here on my site in other blog posts or on my soundcloud or Youtube!

Fashion Victims - Where Fashion News and Gossip Collide with Luke Meagher and Darnell Jamal

Youtube Channels:

Abby Govindan - A Houston native funny bitch you should have already interacted with. You won’t regret it. And if you do - she doesn’t really give a fuck. Also, yes she’s single.

Abby Govindan

Ashlei Evans - This is a friend and soror of mine, living while Black in Japan! Her videos are v kawaii and full of all the good feels. Hop on!

Intelexual Media - This woman is the truth! Video essays, sex work, streaming, I mean what else do ya need? Her patreon is even better! Support this woman - STAT!

CODENAMECHANEL - This is the sugar baby of all sugar babies. Been following her for a few years now. From her storytimes to her advice videos - she is really that girl! I live for her videos, her look, and her thoughts - sit down and get up on game from a real one!


Iniko (@in.iko): I was happily put on to Iniko by another DJ friend this year and tbh I have never been the same since. Their music is truly interstellar, the looks are impeccable, and the content they create will have you mesmerized for hours. Tap in hoe!

Anita Flowerz (@anitaleeflowerz): I came across Anita through my San Anto connects as the artist of the *future* and the reviews are right! Their stickers are absolutely titillating chile - you need to get some!

Siren Samirah (@sapphic.siren): I have never been a huge dance community person because the missing key was Samirah. Her consistency is impeccable and her moves are everything! On top of dancing she also writes so I’m kind of in love. Support her!

SUPA’ NXC (@Supa.nxc): Up and coming queer rap group based in Pittsburgh, PA coming to make their spot in the rap game! They have a brand new single out - “SHOTS” that is a must listen!

Beelzebaby (@beelzebaby_): As their bio states: “Lisa Frank on acid, drop dead nasty.” I saw this artist’s work and screamed aloud y’all - I mean that’s not not normal for me - but this is NEEDED. I can stay looking at each post on their instagram for hours and often do...

@ANILIMARS: A fellow Black woman producer, emcee, artist and content creator who I had the pleasure of playing Mario Kart with in Philly! The talent? There! Consistency? Admirable! Hit the FOLLOW now!

Qjuan (@iamkingkwan): Now we know how much I love me an Aries. Qjuan introduced himself to me at an event we were both meant to perform at - I was instantly in love. His music makes me want to pick up my hottest bitches and drive in our fucking car with the top off, windows down, heading off to go be hot in public. Perfect for a outdoor party, pre game, or gay gathering.

King Kwan

Angelea (@angeleataylor_): Angelea has decided to gift us with her music this year and that in part is why I know the future is bright. She takes me straight to the beach and then back to the R&B night at the hookah spot all within 5 minutes! This is one of the artist’s I am super excited to see excel - you should be warned!

Content Creators/Personalities:

Cheray Cashelle (@thecheraycashelle): Cheray has been doing content since we were in middle school. Her hair, makeup, and fashion are inspiring and give me HOUSTON - ok? I am increasingly biased when it comes to Black women in the South so just understand how obsessed I am. This woman is about to blow and you want to be on the right side of history.

RANDI @iamrandik: Randi inspires me to add color to my constantly muted (but still hot) wardrobe! Her mini styling Tik Toks remind me of when YT was filled with Morning Routines, style videos centering around one item, and thrift challenges. It makes me happy and inspired!

Baked Sasquatch (@bakedsasquatch): I came across this beautiful being when on the search for the perfect mullet wig! They ended up telling me about their drag persona: Baked Sasquatch! Baked is a hot, sassy, and hairy sex icon breaking out of ha cave and coming to give the girls what they want in Drag bars, stages, and events near you. Whether you need some hair porn or need some good drag - get into my bitch.

Baked Sasquatch in her element

Slick (@wesoslick): One of my most anticipated releases of 2021 was Slick resource destination for Black and Queer creatvies! They are working to offer mentorship, initiatives, collaborations, and financial support to Black and Queer creatives so you already know I am tapped IN! Head over and learn how to support!

The Venus Doom (@thevenusdoom): One of my longest friendships in Pittsburgh and also a Drag Performer I physically fangirl over every time I am blessed to be in their presence. When Venus Doom isn’t stepping on necks they are also Mars, a Drag King who is here to put the “hot” in Haunt! Get into this spooky kooky gig and support my bitch. (Yes, the Aries solidarity is strong with this one.)

Lateef (@Lvteef_): I have been following Lateef since I was in highschool and he was doing styling videos and commentary on Youtube! I have remained enamoured, inspired, and beat tf up with his style for almost a decade bitch! The talent, personality, and vibes - UNMATCHED! Hilarious, beautiful, talented, with lewks for days. Why ain’t you follow yet?

As you head into 2021 remember: focus on the community around you first before seeking larger platforms!

Large corporations, celebrities, and large platform creators have enough fans y’all. Why not throw your unconditional support to the artists, creatives, business owners, and other interesting people around yo ass! Very few people in the world will get the opportunity to impact others on a large scale and they forget to just better the world around them. Look around! Your friends, associates, class mates, and community people are all people who probably do some o f the things you have been looking for! They might even inspire you to try other things too! I make sure to curate my timeline to reflect my current inspirations, my goals and my wants every year! Mute, Block, and Follow as needed. It’s yours - do as you please. And stay vibrant there! Expose yourself to different types of accounts, people, and personalities so you can stay inspired from multiple avenues!

Well here is a portion of the content that I am keeping my eye on. The rest of what I'm into can be found on my instagram. Make sure to support all of these creatives so as to continue to feed into their creativity and keep giving us good shit to spend our time with.

Hit up all of these people, and tell em who sent you!

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