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Bonnaroo Lookbook 2023'

This year on The Farm was yet another for the Roo history books. And the fashion MUST be in the first chapter. Bonnaroo like many other music festivals is a majority white event so yeah, there was a disgusting amount of Black protective styles on thin gangly Anglo hair. Never have I seen so much Kanekelon on so many people who didn't even know how to pronounce the word. So nonetheless I was a little bummed I wasn't able to participate in the Juneteenth White Only Box Braid trend - I went for a shaved head this year. I also decided to dress more comfortably this go around. It's so hot during the day and so cold and sticky at night all of my delicate clothes end up ripped, stained, or permanently ruined. Add in the fact that the nearest sink is around 300ft away and you have about 125,000 other people to share them also became a non factor this year. Instead I planned on long walks, impromptu naps, constant dance parties, and chafe-free leisure! And I didn't even really break the bank! Keep reading and get a look at what I wore to Roo!

Wednesday Travel Outfit

1) Wednesday - DAY OF ARRIVAL

The drive from Pittsburgh to Manchester was about 8 hours and we left out Tuesday evening around 9PM. By the time we pulled into Roo to park at Camp it was barely 11AM! My wife and I set up camp, met with our neighbors, got some food, and immediately head to bed. We had to wake up early and bring our friends from the Nashville Airport at 8AM the next day. So my original idea of wearing something very comfy aka pajamas worked out. I wore my favorite Vans beanie to cover my bald head from any winds. Add on my white frames, some necklaces, my IVY PARK fanny, and my lucky fleece; let's get this roast a-cookin! Everything I am wearing I owned previously so I spent $0 on this outfit.

2) Thursday - DAY ONE OF ROO

DAY ONE FIT - Jaded LDN Dress

So we roll into our rental at 6AM and make sure to pick up the rest of our crew from the airport and stop for some much needed Waffle House before speeding back to the Farm! We all squeezed in a nap before Big Freedia hit the stage at 1AM! I went pretty HAM on the makeup since I no longer had hair to do. AND I went for a wispy backless and breathable dress instead of anything tight or uncomfortable. It was like walking in a blanket. I got the dress from Depop for $60 - It's Jaded LDN. Shoes were Chaco's, one pair was $25 another pair was $35 on Depop.

3) Friday - DAY TWO OF ROO

DAY TWO FIT - Depop Beaded Dress

Friday proved to be a scorcher the majority of the day and the day we would be at camp the LEAST! I was worried this beaded dress was going to rub up against my arms and make me mad the whole time. Instead it was very comfortable and made me feel sexy! I was able to show off my chest and feel light and airy until nighttime when it was DEVILISHLY COLD. Back to pajamas and sweaters until Day three! I paid $30 for the dress!

3) Saturday - DAY THREE OF ROO

DAY THREE FIT - Lace One Piece and Shorts

I was in between wearing this lace onesie or another black lace dress. The second dress was floor length and long sleeve, but it was not falling on my body the way I had originally imagined so I chucked it back into the suitcase, The lace bodysuit ended up making my body look nice and tight and I wore my TomBoy underwear that kept my bum warm. I asked a friend to bring my jacket back because of how cold it was getting again before I realized I never even took a picture. In the vlog I will upload of Roo you all will get a better look. Just know I looked GOOD! I spent $28 on the bodysuit and $60 on the scrapped dress.

By the end of the trip I had opted for my "This is my Weed Smoking Shirt" tee and a pink maxi skirt. $0 spent. I was tired of my legs and my tits being cold. We were all also extremely exhausted, tired, and at our optimum laziness. The less something took to think about the fucking better! We got everyone back to the airport and ourselves and the rental back in one piece so it was a goood roo. I felt my outfits were equal parts comfy and cute. I felt cool and like myself. And I shook my ass in each outfit. Happy to say I will be incorporating a lot of these pieces in my winter wardrobe. Shoutout to Depot, Dr. Marten's, and Chaco's for my feet being comfy too! In total I spent $213 on outfits for Roo in total! Not too shabby!

Next up: Stay tuned for the vlog! I'll go over all the musical acts, day to day breakdowns, traveling tips, and do's and don'ts! Subscribe while you're here!

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