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Content To Keep Us Occupied and Stimulated While We Waste Away

I don't watch tv very often. On top of refusing to pay for more than two subscription services (Hulu and Netflix), I also tend to be bored with mainstream television content. I usually spend hours watching niche Youtube channels, listening to mutual friends' or colleagues radio shows or podcasts, or scrolling for hours on an aesthetically pleasing social page.

I'm over people recommending their mediocre show recommendations just for me to realize you need a fuckins Starz subscription or scamming an acquaintance out of their account. Instead I made my own list of all types of content and content creators you NEED to be looking out for while stuck in the house.

Throw on some jammies, Zoom some friends, and thank me later.

Podcasts/Talk Shows:

Sip N Spill - A podcast about a Black woman's experience and...getting drunk. It's mine - It's my podcast. My episodes can be found here on my site in other blog posts or on my soundcloud or Youtube!

Hoodrat to Headwrap: a decolonized podcast - "A Decolonized Podcast for lovers on the margins, join your resident sexuality educator Ericka Hart and Deep East Oakland's very own Ebony Donnley, as we game give, dismantle white supremacy and kiki in the cosmos somewhere between radical hood epistemological black queer love ethics, pop culture, house plants and a sea of books."

Podcast - TrueT - "Social change-makers; Dez & Naheen, joined by nervy co-host Coley Alston, Dimmi, Dalen Michael, and a rotating special guest find comfort in conversation around the most challenging topics in urban culture, politics, LGBT+ issues, and more. — Throwing shade, and spilling lots of tea, the nervy cast serve freshly brewed perspectives from a Black Queer point-of-view."

Fashion Victims - Where Fashion News and Gossip Collide with Luke Meagher and Darnell Jamal

SoundOn Television - A platform for local artists to talk about their music, their artistry, and the game

Youtube Channels:

Wavys World - A Black creative that does makeup, music, and other beautiful content. I love her voice and her energy, I usually watch these videos as I do my makeup to to try something new. Also uploads every week! We stan consistency!

EVERYTHINGLAURENLEX - Black woman who does natural hair tutorials, painting videos, chit chats/GRWM, and clothing hauls. Her personality is so infectious, hilarious, and also calming.

Nessie's Girls - "Alexis and Kendra are best friends. Alexis and Kendra are from Texas. Alexis and Kendra talk about the movies they love, the food they make, and all the coolest cryptids they're searching for. Join them as they ramble into the void and make each other laugh." They are so cute and hilarious - it's worth the subscribe!

QUEENBLESSTV - Black woman who discusses her life, her books, and her beauty for the world. Caring, empathetic, relatable, real, and super sweet! And her videos are also informative! Like, comment, SUBSCRIBE!

Sensei Jay - Black woman who also discusses her life as well as offer beauty tips.Jay's personality is funny as hell, but also very relatable. I could listen to her videos all day if I am being honest.


BriannaJWrites - Not only do they document their life queer living it in their 'not a van' on Instagram but Bree is also an amzing writer on all this ecoqueer, sustainable living, and urban gardening! You're missing out on lots of goodness if you haven't followed them by now.

Thomas Hudson - When they aren't saving the children, delivering resources to gays, or dominating the blogosphere Thomas is SLAYING YOU HOES! Thomas is unapologetic, queer, funny as hell, and beautiful as fuck. Hop on the winning team - soon.

Black Girl Does Grad School - Ok, this one is mainly for me but you should read it too! Grad School is hard as hell (shoutout to my other PhD students) and being able to realte to someone on the arduaous process is not only necessary but most times life saving! I love Rayvnn's insight, her guest posts, and her energy!

doctoromar - Muslim medical student writer from Texas spilling that medical discrimination tea on the gram. Omar's writing is surreal, passionate, and at times heart breaking. Get a peek into the tribulations of the world of medicine through Omar's amazing perspective. Instagram exclusive!

StylewithStray - Gender fluid menswear stylist, blogger and instagrammer. Now, not only is Stray's style on point, their style tips are a hit! I love the aesthetics, style choices, and colors that they display the most. Check it out!

Well here is a portion of the content that I am keeping my eye on. The rest of what I'm into can be found on my instagram or in the photo gallery above. A quick type into Instagram or Soundcloud and you will find these creators. Also make sure to support all of these creatives during the pandemic so as to continue to feed into their creativity and keep giving us good shit to spend our time with.

Hit up all of these people, and tell em who sent you!

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