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#DEEPTHOTS: To be the unapologetic

Updated: May 25, 2020

Unapologeticness - to embody an air of no give a fuckery; to be oneself; to live fully in yourself; authenticity

Like a lot of my fellow quaranteeners, I have spent a lot of my time re-watching Avatar: The Last Airbender. However, unlike my fellow quaranteeers - I never really paid attention to the story. I don’t have any nostalgic tie to the characters, memories of me and my school friends discussing the most recent episode, or even buying a plushie doll. And to be honest - I never knew the storyline. Nevertheless, it had always been a show I wished was a part of my childhood experience. Even to this day, I just feel like there are so many inside jokes I miss out on. So hey - there’s no better time than the present to watch some ATLAB goodness!  

During the course of the series, Aang, our giddy protagonist, traverses across the world on a spiritual journey to learn about his purpose in life. Aside from all of the external factors he and his gang of child badasses meet up with, he also has a few ongoing inner conflicts to sort through. None larger than Aang’s perception of himself being able to mold his own destiny without negatively affecting others. He’s uncomfortable with the amounts of responsibility he has to himself, as someone destined to have a lot of power (Physical, mental, and social power). He often questions the responsibility he has to those he loves, to the world he lives in and was sent to protect. He searches far and wide for the answers - even asks his past lives several times for help. And eventually figures most things out. 

As I watched, I constantly wondered, “Why is this little boy, with the coolest powers, the most amazing chosen family, and a chance to save everyone in the world so hesitant to do so? Aang better start loving himself so he can save the fucking world already!” And almost simultaneously as I thought that thought for the last time during Season 3 I also thought that Aang must be an Aries. I mean the crybaby like complaining about all the responsibility you have, never taking advice too seriously, and always keeping in mind the bad shawty you tryna catch on the way? I mean read me Avatar - read ME!

I struggle daily with coming to terms with myself. With the entirety of Taylor and what that really means to be accepting of her. I am an unapologetic person - I do not really give a fuck. And on the surface that seems so cool. Like come on man you really out here living your life, and doing what you want, and being you all the time, ain’t it grand? But being unapologetic means to constantly be seen as ‘doing too much.’ Having an issue with authority, silence, or power because everyone is obsessed with taking yours from you or telling you to make yourself small so they can fit in the room? Always questioning whether or not you can fit in and stay under the radar enough to just get by? Ok Aang you got a point there. 

On one of his trips to the spirit realm, Aang was offered some words of enlightenment. He had an obligation to actively mold his own destiny while also remaining responsible for keeping peace in the world. This shit does not stop here. Life for as long as you live it, is happening, is active, is now. While here we have choices. Choices to be here , in this now, or to be somewhere else, the future, or be in the past. All needed - all the time. Everyday requires work, which comes with choices about how that work gets done and where energy is spent. Those choices are intentional, and purposeful they add into one’s destiny. And this is life. This series of choices day in and day out constantly changes the world around us, always needing to make difficult choices. Spending any energy on doubting your abilities is valid - but deterrents. 

Aang spent the majority of the show running from his truth. From things he would have to eventually accept and all the things he refused to. Being yourself is hard. Your choices are inevitably going to affect the world around you. You are the world around you. Things will affect you. But you must continue to be yourself for yourself. Within that lies the power you need. Be yourself, you have the answers. Learn your destiny while changing your fate.

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