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DIY Projects to UpCycle Your Clothes During Quarantine

I've been up - cycling my clothes ever since middle school. Some of my earliest memories from growing up in Houston was when my friends and I would walk to the thrift store after school with a whole $5 in our pockets - and we would go to TOWN!

I would buy piles of denim shorts, vests, dad hats, and old T-shirts and sit for hours thinking of ways I could spruce them up! Making boards on boards on Pinterest, trying out all different types of techniques and also learning more about my own style and ability to make clothes. I have always had the idea that I want to be wearing something no one else has - custom pieces only. And who knows my sense of style better than myself?

Check out my short video, showing off my new digs! And follow this tutorial

if you want to make your own fluffy jacket!

For full disclosure, I bleached a ton of shit in this video (check out my jean jacket in this pic), and also distressed everything myself. My boots are inspired by infamous vine quotes that I hold close to my heart and have probably screamed at someone in the distance...

DIYing is about YOU! Adding your own flair, your opinions, your style, and your ideas to the things that you wear everyday! Try some things out, go off and let me see it too! Tag me in yall's projects!

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