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Fall Lookbook + What I am HARVESTING

It's time to thrive folks.

This is always my favorite time of the year, time to hyper focus on your goals before the end of the year hits. Time to still be excited about the holidays coming up, about much needed breaks from school and life, and all the good food we are about to eat. Speaking of eating - what is y'all harvesting for the new year?

I want to harvest fruitful finances, loving relationships, to be kept from negative people with negative intentions, and to create boundaries for myself. I want to bring self care, meditation, and mindfulness back into my daily life. I want to move through my obstacles level-headed while prioritizing my own needs too. I want to make sure I never change myself for others - and stand up for myself and those I love.

She's bringing in love, she's bringing in intimacy, she's bringing in intention.

What are YOU harvesting this year?

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