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My 5 Fall Style Essentials

Autumn is my favorite season of the year! Growing up in D.C., my favorite activity was raking all the leaves on our lawn and getting to jump into them at the end. It was one of our unspoken traditions, something that I learned to look forward to every year. Now, living on my own, my love for all things Fall has grown exponentially. I have found myself being compelled to bring my camera with me everywhere to try and capture the aesthetics of Fall. A dim lit alley, leaves changing color on the trees on my street, or the multi-colored corn displays that pop up at every restaurant come October. The warm and cozy feelings that remind you of shorter and darker days, apple cider, fluffy sweaters, vivid and crunchy leaves, and watching nostalgic movies on the couch. Not to mention spooky season is in full effect, I drink everything out of a mug, and it's never a bad time to take a cute picture with pumpkins. My recent move from hot ass Texas to cold ass Pennsylvania has allowed me to finally participate fully in Fall fashion this year.

My style is vintage, thrifted, and upcycled. I hate paying a lot of money for clothes. I also have this recurring nightmare that I went to an event and someone else had on my outfit. If it's something that has high chance of being owned by many people, I do NOT want it. I usually buy clothes from a thrift shop, add some patches, distress, paint, deconstruct, and overall fuck up my purchases. Since I am usually in a thrift shop for everyday clothes, I tend to make my more expensive purchases staple items in my wardrobe. These staples are things I have for years, basically until the brakes fall off.

Here are 5 of my Fall style essentials to help anyone fight the cold and look dope too:

1) A Protective Style

Shoutout to all the Black people who get excited at the beauty supply when they find the perfect color braiding hair. This is a must-have come damn near every season but especially the cold and frigid Fall. Cold weather drys out my hair, leaves it brittle, and looking dusty. The style pictured to the right is my choice for the 2019 Fall season. I usually wear it in an updo so it's out the way, and when it's damp outside I put a headwrap on. Protective styling allows me to focus on having free hands, and cutting down on my morning routine. I also get to play around with my undercut. I can get some lines, some words, or a design on either side and/or the back of my head to add more individuality to this pretty uniform protective style.

2) A Pair of Boots

I love me a good boot. Not only are they made for walking, but that's also what they do. *laughs at my joke* While Fall is super cozy, it's becuase it is cold and rainy as fuck outside. I take public

transportation to school and have had many a boot ruined by a step in a puddle, a drink spill, or any other terribly unexpected thing. I specifically like these boots because they are durable, comfortable, and cute! Having a white pair of boots might give most people anxiety, it makes me feel more dressed up. Whether stomping through a puddle, or running inside to escape the cold, I know my feet will look good. I don't buy shoes online unless they are thrifted and I ended up finding these Doc Martens for only $85 on Ebay! Make sure to stop by local garage sales, second-hand stores, or your stylish friend for some threads and shoe advice!

3) Denim, Denim, Denim

I am the stereotypical T-shirt and jeans sort of person. Not only are jeans comfortable, but also versatile. Denim comes in a variety of styles, washes, and can be de/re-constructed over and over again. I always have to hold back on distressing every new piece of denim I acquire or adding 100 patches to my newest denim jacket. I love to style denim in the Fall with muted colors like forest green, khaki, and patterns and prints like cheetah and camouflage. On top of denim going with just about everything Fall related, it is also a pretty thick fabric for chilly days. I use denim shirts or jackets to play with layering sweaters and t-shirts. And it always makes for a put together outfit when I am in a pinch. Simple, stylish, and comfortable.

4) Hats

A hat is a bedhead's best friend. Whether seasonal depression has you feeling tired, the cold got you uninspired, or if you just don't feel like even thinking about your hair; put a hat on. Hats have been one of my favorite accessories since middle school. Fedoras, dad hats, snap backs, wide brim, beanies, cowboy hats, all of em'. I have been in a very dad hat phase as of late and I've been pairing them with matching AF1s. I love matching pieces of my outfits with each other it makes me feel like I put that a little more effort and thought into the construction of my outfits. It also helps to keep me looking cute when I am in between haircuts. My hair grows back very fast and instead of trying to keep cutting it, I develop new ways to cover, protect, and easily style my hair. Stop spending money for more styles when you haven't even worn everything in your closet!

5) My Fanny Pack

This is a major, major key. 🔑 The fanny? She's lit. I used to carry around purses but they are so big and clunky. The crossbody bags always fall or have my shit falling out of them. And I hate things that have to lay across my chest it makes me feel like I am wearing a seatbelt. As a frequent music festival attendee, I have a plethora of fanny packs! So I just decided to make the switch - never looked back since.

Fanny packs have come back into popularity so they are so super easy to find at the thrift store, and come in tons of varieties. I bought my sparkly one specifically for Bonnaroo so it wasn't thrifted, but I love it. I never have to worry about having too much in my hands or losing anything because it is literally attached to my body. Convenient and stylish! How can you add your personality into the accessories you own? Are you student who commutes to campus everyday? Get a kick ass lunch box and HUGE tote bag. Work in a cubicle and have limited access to people throughout the day? Wear bright colored glass, or jewelry with colors you enjoy! Make your life more enjoyable and more stylish with your Fall staples. You are going to be wearing this fanny everyday, make it cute.

Style is like language, it is ever expanding and molding. No matter how drastic my style changes, some things never change. But remember: the best part about style is the power to create and express! Your look creates an avenue to add some creativity and color to your life! It's also so fun to dress up, to feel good about how you look, and to wear things that make you happy! Don't take yourself too serious and try to do new things with your wardrobe! But never forget the staples. Start with basics and then build and mold your style from there. You always want to make sure your pieces that could be used for many purposes and not just one. Also, recycle your clothes by either donating or up-cycling them! Do what you want: you will look great regardless.

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