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Dolly - Dolly Parton

I found this book at my local Western PA conservative thrift store right next to Eragon

(Who else lied about reading this book in school?). I have always liked Dolly Parton but I never knew why. Closeted lesbian problems. Do I like her or do I want her boobs? BOTH. I picked it up specifically to read on my annual lake trip with my besties. I love reading autobiographies and I often read them pretty quick because I know how they end - LOL. Dolly also wrote this book before so many of her other eras soooooo I’m excited to hop into her life as she still is able to talk about it from her perspective.

Secret Lives of Church Ladies - Deesha Philyaw

I was recommended this book by a sea of well meaning White folks who love to ask my Black ass, “so do you like Pittsburgh?” I was working at a pretty left (seeming) bookstore and these yts had a kink for hearing me explain over and over how historically and statistically that PGH is a dangerous space for Black women. Deesha actually wrote several pieces about her love/hate relationship to PGH, how often Black women leave, and her own impending departure after her daughter graduates high school. They would hand it to me and say something, “oh Deesha is a Black woman who has a complicated relationship to Pittsburgh - you’ll love this.” Yts really think we all cousins. But alas I do love supporting a Black woman (from infiinity to infinity) so I bought the book. First of all - it’s amazing - but it is NOT about Pittsburgh yt PGH people. Just because she lives here doesn’t mean she’s talking about PGH. She’s talking about Black church…you know the things y’all are afraid to walk by or donate to? It’s about SEX and it’s queer so it’s now in my Canon. Get the damn book!

This is a book from one of my dear survivor friends Samirah the Sapphic Siren. Samirah has offered the reader so many delightful, real, and classic poems to chew on. I find myself reading them several times; taking portions and putting them around my house; and opening them to random pages for quick and empowering reading when my mind starts to race. I also really love the cover. I am not a huge poetry person just because I'm not familiar with lots of poets. I am usually recommended something by a trusted friend and as a fellow writer I want to start understanding their works more intimately. While also finding joy in poems and poetry. I found myself cruising while reading this book. I'd take what I needed. Read the same poem 100 times. Move on. Come back. I have the kindle version but you can pre order a physical copy straight from the source.

One Last Stop - Casey McQuiston

This lesbian ass book lol. It involves chosen family, romance, time travel, familial secrets,

NYC and sex on the train. You need to read it for yourself. Come to your own conclusions. I can only explain so much.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo - Taylor Jenkins Reid

I am about ¼ through this immensely fantastical Devil Wears Prada-esque ass book. I plan on speeding through the rest of it at the lake this weekend. So far the elusive Hollywood actress with seven exes is getting to know our protagonist better. Real exposition ass shit. More on the subject on tonight’s 9 o clock forecast.

This is another poetry book from a fellow writer friend that I wanted to dip my toes into. It is a pretty short read but leaves a lasting impression. I'd read it on a porch or in a beach chair.

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