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The Canela Vintage is the SHIT

I've been a customer at The Canela Vintage ever since my friend Biran put me on to her shop in 2018. Ever since our first encounter - I've been hooked to her clothes. I've worn some of Canela's pieces everyday of my life since then - countless graphic tees, swimsuits, bags, belts, gowns, and hats used to turn the looks needed to be who I am today. Now Canela is a connoisseur of all things Escada, vintage t-shirts, and 80s blazers.The place to be for vintage playing cards, statement jewelry, and custom pieces. And not to mention a one stop shop for up and coming artist shows, merch, and pop ups! The cheetah print I'm sporting in the thumbnail is one of my STAPLES I got from her shop! When I say Canela has it all, I mean that! So let's run down this haul, shall we?

In order:

Fuzzy Sleeve BeDazzle Shirt

Bob Marley Tee

Harley Davidson Tee

Nascar Tee

Star Wars Tee

Star Trek Voyager Tee

Pacific Rim Tee

Houndstooth Hoodie

Red Cheetah Pullover

Suede Hightop Sneakers

Make sure to follow Canela and support her business!

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