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To the Thousands Unknown... #ChangeRapeCulture

Combahee River Collective

We were given an assignment in my class to create a broadside. A broadside is a large sheet of paper printed on one side that were historically used as posters, commentary, ballads, or special events. You need a printing press, in order to create one and some clothes you don't mind getting fucked up. The process is long, arduous, tedious, and messy - a process I am a little too familiar with. We were tasked with choosing a short phrase or quote from our readings and discussions in class to create a published piece of art. I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

I reprinted the words of the Combahee River Collective, a Black Feminist Statement released in 1977 that always ring true to me. There are thousands upon thousands of Black women whose stories will never be told. The names of Black women that don't become hashtags, or protests. The girls who never felt safe, and subsequently weren't. The ones who stories were never believed and were regarded as a lie. The ones that the world often forgets. I remember discussing the idea of #ChangeRapeCulture with my co-founder, Kimiya, I mentioned doing something "for all the girls who can't." Sexual violence, abuse, and rape affects thousands, some known, most un.

We believe you, always.

Head to and support the movement.

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