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#DEEPTHOTS: What the actual FUCK is wrong with yall?

I have to go to class and serve Face?

So this what we doing now? 

This past week was the first week of my (never ending) second year of my PhD program and niggas (aka professors) is geeking. 

Last week, I sat through seven over-3-hour Zoom meetings with classmates, professors, librarians, advisors, and other graduate school students. My syllabus for my most rigorous course has six to eight page paper due at the end of every month. Over 200 pages of readings per week with the expectation that we meet with classmates ‘asynchronously.’ I’ve never had so much hatred towards the word synchronously before but now I can’t bear to read it. Our synchronous meetings started with the same disgusting get-to-know your neighbor type icebreakers that involve saying a fun fact about yourself followed by the most banal lectures filled with useless info. Why are y'all clinging to the traditional educational models in this time of ingenuity and rebellion? What in the actual FUCK is wrong with yall? 

Giving you "There's this girl in my Zoom class" energy

Why do yall care so much? 

So here yall go talking how niggas be writing - again. I continue to be targeted in class (virtually and in person) about the way that I write. From brainstorming to production - I can't catch a break. It usually starts with having my ideas immediately shot down before I can even get them on paper. Followed by me deliberately going against their recommendations to do what I want to do anyway. These disagreements tend to lie somewhere between the professor’s self imagined image of me (whatever picture of me they have made i their peabrains) and reality. Next step: be the bad guy. 

Reality Check: 

  1. Stop telling your students to use ‘bias-free’ language in their writing. Everyone has an inherent bias that they can and cannot identify. That shows in their writing. Also, your fucking course is biased, inaccessible and cisheteronormative. How you gon try to stop others from perpetuating violence in the classroom when you the one who let the violence in? 

  2. What is this fetish with assigning a lot of work to someone? Why yall like overworking niggas? Why yall want slaves so bad? Why do we meet so damn much? Why the fuck are we reading so damn much? 

  3. Stop policing your student's behavior in a virtual setting. The same lines that were used against me during in person courses ("she doesn’t seem engaged, she seems disinterested, she seems bored") were then being used against me online. And it’s hilarious that anyone so banal and boring could ever blame one of their students for being bored in class. You fucks are boring - period. Imma have my camera off - I am sparking a blunt. Don’t be mad no one responded in the chat about your readings - we ain’t do em.

A'int Shit Change  

School is just as violent as ever. All the ice breakers, assignments, and readings y'all did when we actually had to see y'all in public still don't work. All this death, all this chaos and y'all still using the same scripts. We have required so much from our students, their parents, from ourselves - so what the FUCK is actually wrong with yall? There are more efficient ways to teach instead yall continue to use so much of it against us. 

Zoom me out

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