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New Year, Same Me: Part 2- Books to start 2019 with

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

I will admit. I too used to say things like "I just can't read books." Blaming my lack of reading on time fleeting, busy schedules, and boring content. The only books I really had been exposed to had been the ones my parents bought me, what I read for school, and the books that all my peers were reading. I hopped on the Harry Potter books, the Hunger Games, Twilight series, and every other young adult book that sold like hotcakes at the book fair. I never really knew what types of books I liked to read or what those books were even about. Hell, I don't even think I really knew how to read properly. I often skimmed over most of the words to the point to where I forget what I was reading.

In college, I suddenly had a bunch of free time. Like any other perfect adult, I felt that I had to be fond of reading. All establish adults read, and seem to enjoy it. My parents had hundreds of books in our library, and even bought my brother and I our own book shelves for personal libraries. According to them, reading is something all the good adults do, and I want to be a good adult so I cracked open a book. I walked into my universities' bookstore and picked up the first book I saw on the "Best Sellers" shelf. That was my first mistake.

Rule #1: Read things that intrigue you, not just the best sellers. Who makes these best sellers lists? Do those who choose these award-winning books comes from backgrounds that reflect your own? Have your peers heard of this book? Are people, organizations, or programs you frequent promoting the book? Well honey, you probably won't like it.

Rule #2: Reading is fundamental, and can be done in a number of ways. The good ol fashion, looking at pages and turning them is my favorite method to read. However, I am a young professional woman with a very hectic schedule who can not realistically take the time to read a book. Girl get an audible! Subscribe to a podcast! While listening is different than reading, it is an option. I actually listened to The Hate U Give, and Eloquent Rage via audiobooks! Both were amazing books that I really wanted to read, but did not have the time to. So make "you time" on the drive to work, or while running errands. It is possible.

Rule #3: Have a diverse set of books, it's more fun. I love science fiction, thrillers, autobiographies, research articles, and self help books. These are my go-tos. But the genres don't stop there! I'll look at a photo collection, history book, play, or manual every now and again. Remember, reading is fun but it can also be practical. Wanna learn how to drum? Read! Just like your surroundings, you should try and read a diverse set of books from authors who all do not look like you, live in the places you live, speak the languages you speak, or even like the same things you do. There have been many books, authors, pieces, or projects that I have disagreed with or ended up not liking. It's ok. It's normal.

So, it's time for a New Year and you're ready to start a book club. Well here are a few books to help get you started.

1) The Woman in the Window - A.J. Finn

2) The Power of Habit - Charles Duhigg

3) 12 Rules for Life - Jordan B. Peterson

4) Bad Feminist - Roxane Gay

5) Blanche Passes Go - Barbara Neely

6) Spoken Soul- Rickford & Rickford

7) Of Blood and Bone - Tomi Adeyemi

8) The New Jim Crow - Michelle Alexander

9) Becoming - Michelle Obama

So you're welcome. You can now check "read more" off of your New Years resolution list. Happy searching.

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